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Feb 25, 2007

Need a team of political assassins? Pick hot babes.

挑戰艱困立委選區 民進黨找美女組刺客兵團 (中央社)

Reacting to the tight districts, the DPP is going to try to get some hotties to act as their "political assassins" (a term popularized here when Koizumi sent his best politicians after disloyal party members to flush them out of their own districts). Those babes in the sights of the DPP include "credit card goddess" Yang Hui-ji (), "Miss Taiwan" Beverly Chen (陳思羽), and Olympic Judo gold medalist Chen Shih-Hsin (陳詩欣).

The TSU tried the same strategy in the city council elections, but they were going for media stars like former anchors. Who happened to all be hot babes.

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