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Feb 27, 2007

Tension over Chang Wen-ying's (張溫鷹) potential bid

張溫鷹參選? 民進黨中市黨部盼政黨協調 

In response to the rumors that former Taichung Mayor Chang Wen-ying (張溫鷹) is interested in running for the legislature under the banner of the TSU, the DPP's Taichung Party headquarters expressed that this would be harmful to the Greater-Green interests (he might win or at least significantly split the vote). He also said the DPP party headquarters should find a way to communicate and talk to the TSU about this.

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Jason said...

Chang Wen-ying? Aack! She's the one who lost the DPP nomination in 2002 and decided to run a "sour grapes" independent campaign that split the green vote and gave the 'Chung to Jason Hu.

She's got an interesting past: Not only did she perform plastic surgery on Shih Ming-teh during his fugitive days to hide him from the law, she's also notable for gathering the press during her stint as mayor and finding homeless people in the city to lecture to about the importance of morality and cleanliness.

Yes I know she's married to the son of a local faction head (and former Taichung mayor), but come on, can't the TSU find someone helpful who doesn't make me want to puke in my mouth? THen again, maybe this is just the TSU's way of getting the DPP's attention on the issue of cooperation...

Keep up the excellent work!