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Feb 12, 2007

Name rectification (Ciàⁿ-miâⁿ)

As everyone is probably aware, the Taiwanese name rectification issue is simply covering most of the news lately. Everyone's having their say:

The DPP is obviously pleased with itself.
KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou has said the Taiwanese won't support it, it's a waste of time, asked them if they were going to try to change the national title too. He's also insisted the name changes are illegal and the KMT will prevent amending any law that would legitimize it.
PFP has said the would oppose a referendum on changing the country's name, which seems like they're looking ahead and maybe even trying to create a topic that has less public support because it is considered provocative to China.
TSU has announced that the company name changes are good, but that rectifying the country's name to Taiwan is even better; they've also openly solicited the public to help them think of a new party name in line with their theme of recreating the party's image as a left-center, Taiwan-centric but pragmatic party.

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