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Jan 5, 2009

You know the KMT is expressing true remorse when...

You know the KMT is expressing true remorse when:

KMT taps wife of unseated legislator to run in Miaoli (Taipei Times)

Then there's: Year-end party gifts ‘unethical’: DPP (Taipei Times)

The DPP legislative caucus recently singled out Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislators Lu Shiow-yen (盧秀燕) and Lee Chia-chin (李嘉進) for asking state-owned businesses to provide gifts for draws at their year-end gatherings, while KMT Legislator Lin Tsang-min (林滄敏) twice last year asked state-run companies to provide presents and souvenirs for participants for activities he organized in October and last month.

A senior legislative office aide who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the practice has been in place for a long time and that it was normal for lawmakers across party lines to ask for sponsoring from government institutions and state-run businesses....

Lin said all the gifts he asked for were given to charity and volunteer groups for their banquets, not to his own.

“I don’t know what this controversy is all about,” he said.
I'm not sure how consistent the DPP legislators' position is on this; for example, have they asked for year end gifts in the past 8 years? I believe so, at least according to the legislative aide above.

This is an example of the DPP's lack of direction and consistency, as well as their tendency to focus on the most trivial of news tidbits just so they have something to do in their daily caucus press conference.

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Unknown said...

Gifts from state-owned enterprises?

Reminds me of Webster ...

“Since I have arrived here [in Washington], I have had an application to be concerned, professionally, against the bank, which I have declined, of course, although I believe my retainer has not been renewed or refreshed as usual. If it be wished that my relation to the Bank should be continued, it may be well to send me the usual retainers.”