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Jan 23, 2009

Not all Chinese media is controlled by the People's Daily

Phoenix media does a pretty great job so far if you ask me. Their forums are active and open, and I've seen (and posted) topics there that would be deleted immediately on the Sina equivalent. They allow bloggers to post on questions like why Taiwanese independence support is at a historic high, and they get themselves in trouble with the authorities regularly. Still, I'm surprised at how open they seem to be even on sensitive topics.

Update: I'm being reminded in comments that Phoenix is a Hong Kong media outlet. Still, it's one of the most popular forums in China and its relative openness and the lack of a crackdown is impressive in my book. There are, however, self-imposed censors who monitor the site and who are especially sensitive to links to outside material.


Tommy said...

Perhaps. Then again, Phoenix media constantly makes documentaries and hosts news programmes that denigrate Taiwan and present a pro-KMT viewpoint. The opposite side is never considered.

Of course, it is better to allow discussion than to delete all comments, but if this is the closest to free media that China can get, in Hong Kong no less, then media freedom has a long way to go in China indeed.

轉寫主義者 said...

DUDE! Phoenix is Hong Kong! Remember 2046? Hong Kong still gets a few years of special priviliges.

What's great about Phoenix is in Taiwan it's like the lamo mainland mouthpiece. In the mainland it's like your savior from CCTV. And anywhere else you watch it's stale, watery, non-controversial take on everything and remember why Hong Kong kinda blows these days.