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Jan 8, 2009

Taipei Songshan - Tokyo direct flights

Starting next year. I like this idea about as much as I liked sending direct flights to China from Songshan -- it seems convenient until you consider how dangerous landing planes of that size in the city center can be, or consider the quality of the Songshan facilities.


David said...

I have written several articles arguing for the closure of Songshan Airport. This is purely based on practical rather than political reasons. I am surprised that when the Taiwan-China flights started operating from Songshan there wasn't more attention paid to this issue. I guess people's attention is focussed elsewhere.

UltraBleu said...

Don't you understand that cross-strait flights -- in other words between the Taiwan area and the Mainland area -- are not INTERNATIONAL? They are within the same country in accordance with the 92 Consensus.

阿牛 said...


What does that have to do with anything? The problem is brining in planes of those sizes to Songshan airport, a run down facility. The objection I have between Taipei Songshan-Tokyo direct flights and those with China are the same -- practical, not political issues.