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Jan 5, 2009

I feel better already.

Not. Look at what the People's Daily Taiwan section focuses on today. Remember, this is the Chinese idea of goodwill.

Hu Jintao: separatist Taiwanese Independence has been proven to be doomed to failure


Hu Jintao calls for cross-strait negotiations to formally end the state of hostility
He pointed out in order to make cross-strait negotiations easier and more beneficial for both sides, the two sides could deeply discuss how to manage political relations and development in this special period in which the country is not yet unified.
This is important because this means China doesn't just want a peace treaty (they gain nothing by that), but a formal arrangement and agreement on political relations that will formalize this as an internal Chinese matter -- and it probably wouldn't be exactly the status quo (that wouldn't be any gain for China either). In effect, such an agreement would truly mean a deathblow to Taiwanese rights to self-determination. Let us hope the KMT will avoid going that far. But signing such an arrangement would not violate Ma's basic code of cross-strait conduct, "No unification, no independence, no war," so the KMT could be open to coming to an "interim" agreement.

胡锦涛:解决台湾问题是内部事务 不受外国势力干涉
Hu Jintao: Taiwan problem is an internal affair, foreign countries must not interfere

Hu Jintao discusses the foundation buliding cross-strait political trust

Hu Jintao: It has been proven that Chinese people on both sides of the strait have the wisdom to place the future of cross-strait relations in their own hands

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skiingkow said...

Ma's basic code of cross-strait conduct is meaningless if he sabotages Taiwan in every way -- regardless if it doesn't include official unification.

I wish the Taiwanese would understand that.