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Jan 21, 2009

That explains everything

Last night, in an interview with Taiwan TV (台視), President Ma Ying-jeou, man with law degree, discussed criminalizing holding assets from unknown sources. He came out in support of doing so, despite having opposed it while he was Minister of Justice in the past.

In attempt to cover for his about face on this policy, Ma said that what he opposed criminalizing holding assets from unknown sources "without cause" because "it goes against the principle of "presumed innocence" (until proven guilty); but if someone were accused of corruption, then it would not violate their human rights to criminalize their holding of assets from unknown sources.

In other words, according to our law degree holding, Harvard grad president, being accused of corruption is a good enough reason to overturn the principle of presumed innocence until proven guilty.

Hat tip: Weichen

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misomoo said...

i wish he drowns in spit