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Jan 19, 2009


ICRT, as usual, keeps their site up to date:

The KMT says it supports a reported plan by the Ministry of Defense here to drastically streamline Taiwan's armed forces.

A cut in troop strength by as much as a third is reportedly being contemplated as relations with China improve, reducing the spectre of war between the two sides.

Ministry of Defense spokeswoman Lisa Chi said the plan would see a downsizing of the island's troop numbers ... currently at 275,000 ... over the next four years.

Chi said the exact number has yet to be decided, but that relations with China will definitely factor into the plans.
The Ministry of Interior says that more than 90-per cent of those eligible for 3,600 N-T dollars in consumer coupons picked-up their vouchers on the first day of distribution yesterday.

According Interior Minister - Liao Liou-yi - the distribution had rate reached 91.29-per cent by 11 o'clock last night.
I am not among those who picked up their vouchers Sunday. I didn't have time to wait in line! I'll just be going to the post office soon.

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