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Sep 19, 2008

Wu didn't show in court today; court getting impatient

From ICRT:

Lawyers for former first lady Wu Shu-zhen called a press conference earlier
today to explain her failure to appear in court.

According to Li Sheng-xiong, they received a document from the National
Taiwan University Hospital yesterday on Wu's health, a document he described
as 'permanently secret'.

Without going into details, Li said the document claimed Wu's health is
precarious and she would be in danger of dying due to the stress of appearing
in court.

Li says it is only for this reason that Wu did not appear for trial,
otherwise, he claims she was fully prepared to show up this morning.

However, court officials seem unwilling to accept this as an excuse.

They say medical staff were prepared and on-site to handle any health
emergencies Wu may have experience.

They also point out that compared to the rigors of being a lawmaker and first
lady, appearing in court should be well within Wu's tolerances.

1 comment:

David said...

It is a difficult issue. Wu's health problems are very serious and nobody can seriously accuse her of faking it. However, by not appearing it gives the impression that she is trying to avoid justice. Could she appear in court via video or could the court have a bedside hearing? I am not sure what the Taiwan legal system allows but a sensible solution needs to be found.