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Sep 23, 2008


The Special Investigation Group has summoned former premier Chang Chun-hsiung (張俊雄) to appear in the court. Chang said he had accepted a gift of NT$2million from Chen Shui-bian, given by Chen in appreciation of Chang's handling of the financial dangers of 2002 and the cleanliness of the 2001 elections. It is difficult to know how this will effect the investigation, except that prosecutors have basically promised to convict Chen already anyway.

Correction/update: via ICRT:

Former premier Su Zhen-chang and former Interior Minister Li Yi-yang say Chen
Shui-bian gave them 20 million NT for an anti-China rally back in March of

Prosecutors on a special anti-corruption unit questioned the former senior
politicians for about 50 minutes this afternoon ... as they investigate
alleged abuse of a special presidential fund for state affairs by Chen.

Su and Li ... who were DPP chairman and secretary general respectively back
in early 2005 ... say Chen gave them the money for a rally on March 26th of
that year to protest China's anti-secession law.

When the two came out of the prosecutor's office ... media asked Su if the 20
million NT came from the special presidential fund for state affairs.

Su responded with a question of his own ... asking reporters if they were
also working with authorities to investigate the case.

Refusing to elaborate ... Su noted that the details of a prosecutorial
investigation by law are to be kept confidential.

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