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Sep 23, 2008

Ma as traitor

A translation of the first paragraph of a letter to Liberty Times that was published on 9/6.

According to the constitution of the Republic of China, Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country with the official name of the Republic of China. However, Ma Ying-jeou says in an interview with Mexico's Sun Times: "The cross strait relationship is not a country to country relationship." If we go by Ma's logic, what is Taiwan? A regional government? A special administrative region? Now that Mr. Ma has already said Taiwan is not a country, we would like him to declare the 3/22 presidential election to be invalid. Mr. Ma was not running to be head of state but for the office of a special administrative region. Nevertheless, Ma was legally elected Taiwan's president, and then openly claimed his own country was not a country. Ma has therefore already commited treason -- treason against the Republic of China. He no longer has the qualifications to continue acting as our nation's leader, and we must call for his immediate resignation.


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