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Sep 29, 2008

Great NYT article on the unfolding of the milk scandal


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Tim Maddog said...

A-gu, thanks for pointing that out.

These bits got my attention:
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Sanlu had first received complaints about its powdered baby formula last December, according to state media. By March, the company had hired private companies to test its milk powder for contaminants. Yet Sanlu never issued any public warnings and never stopped promoting its products. On May 18, days after the devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province, the company made a much-publicized donation of $1.25 million worth of baby formula for infants orphaned or displaced by the catastrophe.


This week, China Central Television, the government network, has been offering reassurances that the dairy products still on the shelves are safe.
- - -

... adding, "We mean it this time. Really. Trust us."

Tim Maddog