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Sep 23, 2008

China gives preview of "meaningful participation" in WHO

The Liberty Times leads with a report about WHO issues between Taiwan and China. The article cites a CNA report, and the main source is a "trustworthy official who wished to go unnamed."

The gist of the article is this: Taiwan wrote the WHO last week to notify that some materials containing poisoned milk powder imported from China had already been processed into food products in Taiwan and sent to Hong Kong. The WHO "replied," sending a letter to the Chinese government and giving a copy to Taiwan. In the letter, Taiwan was labeled "Taiwan, China" 「中國台灣」. Taiwan's foreign ministry spokesman Henry Chen (陳銘政) has already said Taiwan will protest how this situation was handled and obviously cannot accept this sort of degradation.


Naturally, all such degrading behavior is likely to have been done at specific request from China.

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Tim Maddog said...

They love us. Right now! They love us! [/Sally Field]

Tim Maddog