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Sep 23, 2008

Taiwan will take Chinese students

again via ICRT ...

Taiwan universities will begin taking students from China next year for the first time ever.

Government agencies are said to be studying the details on ways to allow
students from China as part of President Ma Ying-jeou's policy of increasing
exchanges between Taiwan and China.

Deputy Education Minister Lu Mu-lin called it a segment of greater
communication across the Taiwan Strait.

Lu said Taiwan must decide how many students it wants from China each year
and change laws on visa terms before the new policy can take effect

Students from China were barred previously for security reasons, but numerous
universities here are struggling for lack of local enrollment.

That might not help the schools on the lower end of the scale ... as Lu notes
that Chinese students are likely to be picky about which Taiwan schools they
pick attend.

A spokesman for National Taiwan University said they are hoping to recruit
China's best students to raise the reputation of the university.

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