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Aug 9, 2007

Ma defends "One Taiwan, two interpretations"

KMT presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) insisted today that this "One Taiwan, two interpretations" formula was a practical way of solving the constant internal political debate on this topic.

Ma coined the formulation in a CNA interview a few days ago. He believes the DPP's position is that "Taiwan is already independent, but is just called the ROC right now," while the KMT position is that "The Republic of China has been independent since its founding in 1912."

Of course, The DPP stance is that Taiwan is independent -- from the People's Republic of China in particular. On the other hand, the KMT can't even say The People's Republic of China, so their statement about the ROC always being independent in no way addresses the real problem.

Is he serious? Doesn't he see how idiotic this is? It's an absolutely meaningless position that is just going to get him slammed if people even bother paying attention to it.

Only 5 days until the verdict in Ma's corruption case!

Update: great video from SET TV/South News.


Raj said...

What do you think the verdict is going to be - guilty?

I'm not sure how it can be anything else. Ignorance of the law isn't a defence (and the law is fairly clear).

阿牛 said...

He wasn't ignorant of the law -- my buddy has a DVD of an old city council meeting where Ma insists, and I'll quote my friend:

"He clearely stated several times that the 'mayoral special allowance fund is for public or social welfare use'

"he said he 'never used it for private purpose' and would 'take any penalty' if he had misused it

"He even promised to 'withdraw from the political arena' at the end

"But now he's saying he didn't know it's a public fund and that it should be defined as a private fun blah blah blah"
Of course, that statement means little in court. But yeah, I think he'll be found guilty.