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Aug 6, 2007

Ma on status quo: one Taiwan, two interpretations

Wow. Now that's an inventive formulation.

(中央社記者陳亦偉台北六日電)國民黨總統參選人馬英九今天接受中央社專訪表示,台灣現狀是「一個台灣、各自表述」。民進黨認為台灣已經獨立,只是目前叫 中華民國,國民黨始終認為,中華民國是主權獨立國家,而中國大陸對「中華民國」也比對「台獨」較能容忍,現狀各自表述下,中華民國是各方最大公約數。

(CNA) KMT presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou said in a CNA interview today that Taiwan's status quo is "One Taiwan, two interpretations." The Democratic Progressive Party states that Taiwan is already independent though it is called the Republic of China right now; The KMT has always believed that the ROC is a soverign and independent country and that the Chinese mainland can more easily tolerate a "Republic of China" than "Taiwanese independence." Given the two different interpretations of the status quo [held by the blues and greens], the title "Republic of China" is the common denominator.
Now notice though that the DPP position that Taiwan is indepent implies that Taiwan is independent from China. The KMT position that the ROC is independent implies no such thing.

We'll see how this plays out.

Follow up: Frank Hsieh has responded by saying there's only a one China or two China question. As he put it, "nobody talks about two Taiwans!"

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