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Aug 5, 2007

Some pro-Taiwan T-shirts

I thought I'd use my blog for a shameless self plug. I've created some T-shirts at Cafepress (my profit margin on all items is $1). The "Stop the KMT" shirt designed was originally made by Kenbo Liao in 1993. Used with his permission.


Andre said...

i like the first shirt... it's something i might actually wear.

interestbing, i wonder if something like cafepress or theadless would be successful in taiwan. it would definitely cost less to get shirts made and printed out here.

阿牛 said...

I need to get teh shirts printed and sell them on's auction-slash-store site. These shirts will sell only in the US, I think. Shipping's too much.

I'll sell them at DPP rallys.

I'm still refining design though. I may come up with a few versions of that first shirt.

Andre said...

you've probably searched and know of these already but here's some taiwan based placed that you can use...

or just do a search on tw's yahoo for "T恤"

Anonymous said...

Hi -- any more shirts available? In searching for Kenbo stuff I found yours, and will buy a few (or trade for Neon News t-shirts if you want another collector's item).

Val C, visiting prof at TMU