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Aug 3, 2007

DPP/TSU cooperation not going so well

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) , the two green parties in Taiwan, have not yet been able to find a way to coordinate their legislative nomination processes.

The DPP has decided to hold another telephone poll to gauge the popularity of any TSU candidates vs the DPP nominee. DPP legislators who have already secured the party nomination are frustrated, since they may yet be told they can't run for the party. The TSU isn't happy with the decision either, since they want to negotiate nominations with the DPP (since most TSU legislators can't win the opinion poll vs. a DPP legislator). Still, the TSU hasn't ruled out using the poll to decide on a nominee and will form a committee to study the plan.

In other words, not a lot of people are pleased with the decision (gasp! compromise!), but we're not sure what will really happen in the end.

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