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Aug 6, 2007

What's going to happen to Wang Jin-pyng?

Nobody seems to know.

Ma says he will certainly be the #1 legislator.

Some KMT legislators attacked his performance in the Legislative Yuan as speaker (he acted too weakly by allowing greens to disrupt proceedings without disciplining them), to which Wang himself said there should be internal discussion on this topic.

His supporters say he will naturally still leave the legislative caucus and be the first man (the safest seat) on the party's at large legislator list, the same place he was last election. They say anything else happens, it would hurt if not kill the party.

Wang says he never had any particular aspirations and will handle any situation calmly.

The party itself hasn't yet asked Wang to run, and didn't exactly say whether were going to.


Raj said...

I wonder what will happen if Ma is convicted! Sure his supporters will want an appeal, etc. But things will get difficult if he's given enough years to automatically stop him running.

If he gets the 10 years or whatever it is, does that mean he couldn't run until he got a successful appeal?

阿牛 said...

I'm not sure if he is allowed to run by law if he's been convicted but still appealing and not in jail. From the dialogue, one assumes he could still run.

At the very least, the first appeal would be easily decided before the election. Since I envision a guilty verdict, that will only become an increasingly heavy burden as the election gets closer and closer.

Nobody knows what the KMT will do if Ma is convicted since nobody has wavered from the official line that Ma will be running no matter what. We'll see how that shifts if Ma's convicted.

Raj said...

The sensible thing would be to let Wang run. Having someone convicted with serious jail time would be asking for trouble.

阿牛 said...

That may be exactly why no announcement has been made yet on Wang's status. After all, the at large seats won't be decided for the KMT until September, and the first verdict in Ma's case is being announced in 7 days, so maybe he's holding out for some shuffling of roles before the end of the month.

I doubt it, but that would be nice.