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Aug 14, 2007

Not Guilty!

Verdict: Not Guilty!

"no intention of breaking the law"


Ok, well that's the important's the IHT article. I'll just make my predictions about what comes later this week, virtually all of which seem to be no-brainers:

+ A poll will be conducted before the end of the week by Blue media showing Ma at around 65% support (It won't be UDN, since the poll they just finished today showed Ma-Su @ 40% and Hsieh-Su at 27%).

+ Tonight, TVBS and Talking Show will both be hopping mad -- Talking Show about the verdict, TVBS about DPP legislators' reaction to Ma's verdict.

+ Legislators will continue to hold press conferences all week acting really dumb.

+ A-bian will say jack shit (aha, I'm right so far! He didn't comment on the case but just said the DPP had to show solidarity for the 2008 election (Hsieh-Su reference). Annette Lu said she hasn't seen the judges reasoning, but as a rule she respects the judiciary).

+ We will move on since this verdict makes it pretty certain Hsieh, Su, Lu and Yu will all have no trouble with their own special affairs funds.


MJ Klein said...

no intention of upholding the law, either.

Raj said...


阿牛 said...

Yeah :(

Raj said...

To be honest I'm more disappointed for Wang. This has killed his chances of running for President - he would have gone far in my opinion.

阿牛 said...

Agreed. It's a real shame for Wang at this point. He was read to pounce if necessary, I think.

Runsun said...

Wang? Wang who ?

阿牛 said...

Whoops, Wang Jin-pyng.

Runsun said...

Yea i know.

But isn't he presumed "dead" in Taiwan's politics for a long while ?