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Aug 25, 2008

Ma will grant landing visas to Chinese in Jinmen; DPP goes ><

From ICRT:

Opposition DPP lawmakers are voicing their strong opposition to President Ma
Ying-jeou's promise to offer Chinese visitors landing visas to Jin-men.

DPP legislative caucus whip Lai Qing-de accuses Ma of trying to seek eventual
unification with China by putting in place such a measure.

DPP lawmaker Zhang Hua-guan also points out that few countries around the
world have agreed to give Chinese tourists landing visas for fear that they
would take advantage of it and then disappear after arriving.

Ma, in his speech delivered in Jin-men yesterday, said in order to accelerate
the outlying island's economic development, his administration is planning to
offer landing visas or multiple visas to Chinese visitors.

Travel agents in Jin-men have been complaining about the time-consuming
paperwork needed for those visitors to obtain Taiwan's visas.

They believe the long process has attributed to the much lower number of
visitors from China over the past several years.

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