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Aug 22, 2008

Urban birds

Most people who are very interested in birds spend time going birding (aka birdwatching), and if you're one of them you probably know about this resource.

But you know, I've always been very interested in the bird species you're likely to see flying around your house and neighborhood.

Now I live in Kaohsiung County not far from the city, so I see mostly urban birds with a few water birds mixed in. I thought I would put some information up on the birds I frequently see so that you can use this to identify birds yourself.

I've identified many of these birds using this fine book, which I suggest you buy either online or at the Taiwan Store (Taioan e tiam) along a Xinsheng S. Rd. alley if you're in Taipei.

Here are some of the birds I see most frequently. Feel free to add your own to the list in the comments:

Egrets are also the most commonly seen water bird in my area.

You can also listen to bird calls here. Sometimes you can't see but can only hear a bird. Learning to tell the calls and songs apart is hard but rewarding.

Let me know what birds you see around your place!

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John Naruwan said...

I have seen loads of interesting birds in my neighbourhood. I live on the southern edge of Taichung City. I've spotted a brown shrike, nutmeg mannikins, black drongos, black-crowned night herons, malayan night herons and Himalayan tree pies behind my house which backs onto a river. In the Health Park nearby I have also seen some kind of woodpecker and a goshawk. An amazing abundance of birdlife right here in the city!