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Aug 21, 2008

Another day dominated by Chen...

Latest from ICRT:

The Ministry of Justice says it has received positive responses from
Switzerland and Singapore to its requests for assistance in getting to the
bottom of the growing money-laundering scandal involving the former first

Justice Minister Wang Qing-feng said today that Taiwan has applied through
formal channels for aid from the two foreign governments in investigating the
alleged financial wrongdoing of former president Chen Shui-bian, his wife,
and their relatives.

Wang says her ministry has received favorable responses, with both foreign
governments expressing willingness to cooperate.

As to reports that Taiwan had received reports from Singapore early last year
about the current scandal, Wang said those reports may be indicating a
different case, such as the Papua New Guinea diplomatic fund scandal.

Wang also urged any individual or business involved in the burgeoning money
laundering case to turn themselves in to receive protection under the law.

1 comment:

Tim Maddog said...

Turn themselves in "to receive protection"? I thought people involved in crimes like the ones being alleged were normally supposed to receive some kind of punishment.

In addition to the prima facie absurdity of Wang's statement, wouldn't it suggest that the Ministry of Justice doesn't have enough evidence to prosecute? Wouldn't they, then, be conducting a "trial by media"?

Curiouser and curiouser...

Tim Maddog