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Aug 18, 2008

More on Chen's case ...

From ICRT:

A Taiwan prosecutor just back from Switzerland is optimistic authorities
there will cooperate in helping to get to the bottom of allegations of money
laundering against the former first family.

Qing Qi-ren said Taiwan and Swiss officials are working to freeze a bank
account at the centre of the investigation involving former president Chen

Upon returning to Taiwan Qing said a request for the return of any illegal
funds stashed by Chen or his family in Swiss banks was well received.

She said Swiss investigators also indicated their willingness to cooperate in
turning any suspicious materials over to Taiwan as well.

Qing's disclosure of her efforts in Switzerland came as Chen and several
others involved in the case have been barred from leaving the island pending
the outcome of their investigation.

A total of three people including Chen and former first lady Wu Shu-zhen ...
as well as her brother ... are among those who have been barred from leaving.

The daughter of former president Chen Shui-bian threw a temper tantrum in
front of reporters this morning ... suggesting her father is being singled
out, and that other members of the DPP are not saints.

Cornered by local media ... Chen Xin-yu screamed that before she dies she
intends to tell on everyone in the DPP who has come asking for money from her
father at election time.

Chen denied their family has taken any money that wasn't theirs ... saying if
that was the case she could lie at home everyday and not worry about having
to work.

She then turned her tirade on the top members of the DPP ... asking "has Su
Zhen-chang not taken money? Has Frank Xie not taken money? Has Gaoxiong mayor Chen [Chu] not taken money?

She said now that her father is in trouble DPP politicans are acting like
they're saints who have never done anything wrong.

Lowering her voice only to answer a phone call ... Chen asked if all the DPP
politicians who took election money from her father reported it or just put
unused funds into their own pockets.

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