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Aug 20, 2008

Wrap up

From ICRT.

Odd case connected to the Chen scandal ...

The wife of former first lady Wu Shu-zhen's brother has been released from
hospital following a suicide attempt.

Chen Jun-ying reportedly attempted to overdose on sleeping pills following
her husband, Wu Qing-mao's, revelations that he had been involved in wiring
money overseas for the former first family.

... According to doctors, while Chen's blood pressure remains high, her other
vital signs have all stabilized.

However, one hospital worker says Chen's condition may have been faked.

The worker told media that urine tests after Chen arrived showed no signs of
medication, and that she wasn't taken to an intensive care unit, but rather
was just given an IV drip instead in the regular ward.
Also, one of the downsides of a super free media -- they print total BS.
A cultural row appeared to be brewing over what nationality Confucius was or
which country invented soymilk ... although South Korea's Chosun Daily has
chalked the whole thing up to bad reporting by Taiwan media.

Reports in Taiwan newspapers attributed to the Chosun Daily stories that had
South Korea laying claim to key aspects of Chinese culture ... including the
invention of Chinese characters and construction of parts of the Great Wall
of China.

They are also said to have claimed both Confucius and Lao Tze were Korean.

The Chosun Daily says it never printed such stories ... and that Taiwan media
never even bothered to check the accuracy of the stories before reporting on

Apparently, the whole thing was fabricated by Internet pranksters in China.

However, according to the Chosun Daily ... Taiwan media never even bothered
to call and check with the paper if it had indeed printed such stories ...
adding South Korea's national image has been damaged as a result.

The Foreign Ministry here is said to have asked Taiwan media to pay more
attention to checking sources for its stories.
No surprise there. Taiwanese love to believe that Koreans think they invented everything, including Michael Phelps.

On a media side note, TVBS 2100 outdid Talking Show after the Chen scandal broke for the first time in a long time.

Also, Former ambassador to the Dominican Republic John Feng (馮寄台) will be the nation’s new representative to Japan. He does speak Japanese. The Premier says he hopes Japan and Taiwan can cooperate ... on investment in China.

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