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Dec 16, 2008

Premier: we need direct communications channel with DPP

What a revelation. So, will the DPP take some initiative, exhibit maturity and establish such a channel? Or will they continue the long tradition of stonewalling that so defines legislative politics in Taiwan?


Tommy said...

As much as I dislike the KMT, the DPP desperately needs to show that it is a responsible party if it will have any chance in 2012. I don't think they have made much progress on that front yet. Chen disorientation and well-deserved opposition to Ma seem to have taken up most of their energies. Let's hope Tsai responds to this.

Raj said...

I agree. It's not good sulking. If the DPP won't even meet I don't think they deserve to be re-elected in 2012 - after all they might need to be able to work with a KMT-led legislative even if it happened.

Taiwan Echo said...

I disagree. KMT has the history of distorting what's been talked in a meeting. Prior to the presidential election, Ma Ying-jeou visited DPP ex president Lin Yi-hsiung(林義雄). After that, Ma claimed that Lin supported him to be the next president. It was denied right away by Lin's people.

With a dishonest party like that, and with their overpowered media support, it would be hard for DPP to clarify facts. A meeting like that would certainly be used by KMT to make a false impression (especially to those drunken international media) that DPP is supporting KMT's moves.

If the DPP won't even meet I don't think they deserve to be re-elected in 2012

I don't get it. Why doesn't DPP deserve to be re-elected simply for not talking to KMT ?

阿牛 said...

What's needed is a regular, normalized communication mechanism, not just some one off behind-the-scenes meetings.