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Dec 23, 2008

Legislature completes check of lawmakers' US citizenship

And will hand the results out to each legislator as classified documents. Obviously, whether any legislators have broken the law on this front should not be made public. Sensitive information and all that.

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Scott said...

According to the paper today, it looks pretty clear that some lawmakers were in fact (or still are) US citizens while serving in the ROC legislature. Of course they will say that they ASSUMED that they automatically lost their US citizenship the moment they were sworn in, and that they therefore did not knowingly break any laws.

As this is a problem that primarily affects the KMT, the ruling party will not stick to the letter of the law in enforcing very clearly-worded existing, it will be much simpler just to change the law to accomodate the party (and retroactively exonerate all who were in violation) so that they can keep their seats and their money.