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Dec 2, 2008

Excellent News!

There's nothing on the regular wires, newspapers or cable news worth talking about this afternoon so far!

One piece of news I can't decide to classify as laughable or ominous, though: the People's Daily Taiwan subpage is prominently celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Message to the Compatriots in Taiwan issued by China on January 1, 1979. That letter more or less established the "strive for peaceful unification, but by God there will be unification" policy.

You can see their celebratory page here, read the original letter in full here, and read about the "contributions" of Deng, Jiang and Hu to unification as well.


Carlos said...

I knew I could count on you for my daily dose of depression!

阿牛 said...

Happy to help!

bnjammin said...

A-gu -- I found this blog while doing research for a post I just wrote on my thoughts on the KMT vs DPP ( -- and let me just thank you for all the information and commentary on your blog. Please keep it up!

Tommy said...

I think that, as this year is the 30th year of the dull sounding "Reform and Opening Up", you will probably see a rehashing of every policy that is 30 years old.

Someone should make a big deal about this article's contrast with Ma's mutual non-denial, peaceful coexistance and diplomatic truce policies. It is odd that he claims a victory over being called president on an APEC webpage that was almost immediately taken down when such backword communication still exists in plain sight in the official Chinese media.

阿牛 said...


Actually i was just noticing the similarities to the goals outlined 30 years ago and the direction things are going now -- they are much closer than I would have thought in my mental vacuum.

Anonymous said...
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