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Dec 18, 2008

Thanks for your hard work, see you later

I don't really know if this is the right move, but I have an instinctual distaste for this kind of policy adjustment. Again, from ICRT:

The Council of Labor Affairs says that it will review its policies governing
the hiring of foreign workers in an effort to safeguard job opportunities for
Taiwanese nationals and to ensure protection of their rights during the
current economic environment.

In a prepared statement ... the C-L-A said that as its current policy on
foreign worker recruitment is based on the nation's unemployment rate - which
is rising - it could begin to give priority to pushing employers to hire
local workers rather than overseas nationals

The statement added that the C-L-A will review the number of foreign workers
recruited to Taiwan and their qualifications .. and will also begin enhancing
the monitoring of the proportion of national to foreign workers.

The C-L-A also reiterated that the current policy of admitting foreign
workers must not impact negatively on labor conditions and job opportunities
for Taiwan nationals.

According to the C-L-A, there were 365-thousand foreign workers in Taiwan as
of the end of March this year - representing 3.5-per cent of Taiwan's working
population. Among these 198-thousand were industrial workers and the rest
were caregivers.

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