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Dec 3, 2008

More treaty speculation.

As I do from time to time, I scoured the intertubes for some news on the future cross-strait peace agreement that might indicate the position one of the parties will take in negotiations.

Here's an opinion from a Hunan public official published at China Review News:

The two sides can sign a peace agreement, but we must insist on two preconditions: first, that the agreement clearly states both sides adhere to the One China principal and oppose indpendence; and second, that as soon as th eTaiwan region moves twoard making indepdence or reality, or if there is a major event that makes indepence likely, than the agreement will automatically cease to function.
That's not an official position, but as I outlined earlier, it seems to be about the position China would take.

Meanwhile, New Party buddy and CEO of Tainet (台聯電) Robert H.C Tsao (曹興誠) suggests a three step process: first, passing a domestic peace law; then, allowing China to bring to Taiwan a concerete unification plan; and finally, allowing the people to vote on it by referendum.

Cao's plan would not "require" eventual unification, but would create a situation of 'automatic' unification if a referendum passed on it (and of course, no referendum would have the independence option). He sees this as establishing a non-cohersive path to unification that, one way or the other, would eventually get Taiwan there.

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skiingkow said...

I'll promise you to pull this gun from your head if you do things that prevent me from wanting to kill you.


What a deal!

What kind of "Peace Agreement" has a threat at the end of it?

ANSWER: A peace agreement with China.