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Dec 31, 2008

Non-punishment punishments

Diana Lee has left the KMT, though what this will mean practically is hard to say.

She'll likely retain her seat; pressure for an investigation will grow until prosecutors check out her citizenship status; she'll leave the office only if she's forced to, and the same goes for returning the years of salary she may well have illegally been collecting.

I can envision an inconclusive investigation and Diana rejoining the party before the next election.


Taiwan Echo said...

No-punishment Punishment,
No Mutual-denied Denial,
Consensus of No-consensus,


Green card "auto-canceled",
US Citizenship "auto-nullified",
Chiang-Chen Agreement "auto-effective",
illegal Red Army "auto-legalized on-site"


Everything auto, you don't need the law in Taiwan. The only thing you need is to follow what the blue camp say.

skiingkow said...


Don't you know? Authoritarianism is the new aspiration for more and more nations world-wide.

Democracy is way too messy and chaotic.