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Nov 8, 2008

Round 'em up!

The KMT may be willing to meet student demands in amending the Assembly and Parade Law, but would likely wait until next session due to budget reviews being a higher priority. The KMT says the police cheif resigning, another student demand, is out of the question, but that the government will deal gently with the students at first and hope the students will follow the law.

Agreements signed with Chen are on their way to the Legislative Yuan, and don't expect the DPP to let them pass easily. Cross-party discussions are being planned, where the DPP and KMT can try to come to some concensus on cross-strait policy. This sort of discussion is long overdue. I doubt the talks will create a concensus, but I strongly believe it will be a chance fo the DPP to form a coherent message that the public can more easily digest.


corey said...

"[...] but would likely wait until next session due to budget reviews being a higher priority."

How many times have we heard this excuse for various things not getting done?

skiingkow said...

What about an apology?

That's one of their demands.

Stand your ground, guys. Anything PandaMa does to stop what you're doing will only make your cause stronger.


Haitien said...

I suspect waiting till the next session is just an excuse for delaying the issue in hopes the students will lose interest. When told the same thing by the Cabinet Secretary-General in front of the EY on 11/6, the students voted on the issue and stated that the response was unacceptable.

What is ironic is that the students' demand of amending the Parade and Assembly Law from permit to notification form was one of Ma's campaign promises.