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Nov 6, 2008

DPP calls for calm; crowd continues to try to break police lines



David said...

I was there in the middle of it today. Luckily a few responsible people, mostly DPP workers, stood between the police and the protestors and calmed the situation down. A bloody riot could have easily broken out, but luckily the crisis was averted. While the police set up a situation where something like this was more or less inevitable, the way the handled the situation as it occurred was quite sensible.

I will have lots of photos to upload and stories to tell tomorrow.

阿牛 said...

Another guy on scene said the same. Without the DPP there, he siad, the crowd would have caused police lines to collapse and and injured a lot more police. He said at first, there were way more demonstrators than officers on scene, and the riot police stepped backward several times.