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Nov 7, 2008


The KMT will amend the Assembly and Parade Law, but not relaxing it as they promised to before the election; instead they'll tighten it.

Bold prediction, but do you think they'll try it?

Also, Maddog linked me to the following from Taipei Times:

The high speed rail station in Taipei was not able to open for service all day yesterday. Trains were only allowed to operate between Banciao (板橋) and Tsoying (左營).

[...] a thorough investigation would be conducted later.


corey said...

With KMT's power in government, they don't have to "try" anything, they'll just do as they see fit, as has been the case since they gained their excessive powers.

Haitien said...

A bunch of students in front of the Executive Yuan would have a lot to say about that.

Translated protest statement in English and Chinese: link

corey said...

That isn't to say that they'd succeed without fighting...just saying it is easy to "tighten restrictions." With that said, there will always be those to fight it.