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Nov 21, 2008

KMT caucus raises bill to use force to curb Green legislative protests

The bill would allow police force to be used when necessary to remove legislators who are filibustering or obstructing legislation. This would effectively kill the only speedbumps the DPP can put in front of KMT bills.

Speaker Wang Jin-pyng would be the one authorized to call in the police force, but as I recall he's not a fan of doing this -- this sort of proposal has come up before and he was always cold to it.

Meanwhile, the legislature has sent the four cross-strait agreements recently signed by Chiang and Chen to appropriate committees for review.


Raj said...

In many ways it's a great shame Wang didn't win the KMT ticket. He's not perfect but he's more respectful of opposing views and democracy IMO.

Tommy said...

Such a bill might be a huge mistake. Regarding contentious issues, what message would it send to the public if the DPP was thrown out of every vote? This would rob votes in the KMT legislature of a great deal of legitimacy and it would also increase the feeling of some in society that they had no voice, thus leading to more extreme reactions to KMT policies.

It is not like the KMT can't win all of the votes as matters stand right now.