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Nov 20, 2008

Green paper interviews Ma

Liberty Times interviews Ma Ying-jeou in four parts (1 2 3 4), and although the questioning is pretty hostile, I'd say Ma holds his line pretty well. But you also get the sense he is very frustrated with the questioning as well. He is at his weakest when talking about the police taking flags and taking banners from Green protesters' hotel rooms as Chen Yunlin was going to arrive. He has a hard time defending the detentions if you ask me, too.

Also, I believe the Liberty Times failed to ask the kind of questions I'd like to see more of, and instead kept the thought process within the bounds of the media-defined idea of what the issues are. Also, the interviewer makes a critical factual error, claiming the Lien-Hu Joint Announcement (連胡公報) specifically mentions "One China." It does not. But Ma didn't seem to know that either (that's how gotcha questions work sometimes, though; as a politician, you'd rather just not answer the question directly than challenge its premise, for fear of being factually wrong).

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Taiwan Echo said...

"I believe the Liberty Times failed to ask the kind of questions I'd like to see more of"

What do you like to see more ?

What I like to see more is the current issue of Wild Strawberries Student Protest. I was very disappointed that Liberty Times completely missed that.

One thing amazed me is that Ma claimed that there's no complaint about the so-called wrong-doing of attorneys' behaviors.

For Chris sake, there are tons available over the internet, including news, articles, blogs and open letters.

Can you believe that he knows nothing about that ?

Either he is completely ignorant about what happens in the country he leads, or he is lying like he used to.