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Nov 6, 2008

DPP tries to calm protesters

Both David Reid of David on Formosa and another observer I know on scene said the DPP helped keep the situation from becoming a full scale riot with its call for calm and physical presence.

Don't expect the Blue media to refrain from calling the DPP a violent party.

As I write this, another police barrier has been broken at the Grand Hotel. The larger crowd tonight will surely be a lot louder than even last night. Chen Yunlin may find himself under siege until his flight tomorrow, and may even have trouble leaving the hotel.

The crowd is now on their own; the DPP leadership has left and many buses have started taking DPP protesters back south. That means the crowd is no longer mobilized nor organized. Some individual DPP legislators and city councilors remain. But there won't be much to do if the crowd gets pissed at the hotel tonight.

By the way, I am honestly conflicted about all this. I don't want anyone to get hurt but I don't mind the protesters trying to get as close to Chen Yunlin as possible; the man should get an earful. And if that means sieging the hotel, that's what it means.


Tim Maddog said...

You predicted:
- - -
Don't expect the Blue media to refrain from calling the DPP a violent party.
- - -

Taiwan supporters should not refrain from saying that the blue and red media are far more violent than anybody on the green side.

Tim Maddog

Unknown said...

I just hope that this kind of police apparatus was there on the red army, but, then again, most of the cops where there anyway, just dressed in red....