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Jul 6, 2007

Taiwan Farmers Party (TFP?)

I never did get around to translating all the info from the post on the Taiwan Farmers Party (台灣農民黨), but there was one thing of particular interest from the last UDN article.

Remember, the Farmers Party had hoped to go for only at-large seats, so as to avoid too direct of a conflict with the larger parties and so as to gather support from people's second vote (a very good strategy for small parties, if you ask me).

The problem is that the latest draft of the election and recall law would require any party ont he at-large list to meet one of two conditions: the party must either (a) have gotten 2 percent of the vote in the previous legislative election or (b) be running guys in at least 10 districts.

For a new party, only (b) is an option. And the party seems unlikely to come up with 10 guys willing to be sacrificial lambs just so the party can make an at-large list.

Although the news is old, the bill hasn't yet been passed as the DPP and KMT are still bickering over some (probably unrelated) details of the bill.

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