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Jul 27, 2007

Yu suggests independence referendum; Presidential office will consider

DPP Chairman Yu Shyi-kun today called for the Presidential office to hold a defensive referendum and "not rule out" a referendum on the independence topic that if China cites the "Anti-succession law" over Taiwan's UN referendum as reported.

The presidential office will carefully consider the suggestion, and will have to contemplate Taiwan's safety, sovereignty and the proper use of the law.

I'd say this is an unexpected escalation in rhetoric from the presidential office, though I would expect this sort of idea from Yu Shyi-kun (since he's so hardcore). But note that so far, the precondition isn't even met (China has not cited the anti-succession law on this topic. Only an unnamed source in a China Times article has.)

We'll see if this gets any one's attention.

VP Annette Lu said this was just Yu's personal opinion and doesn't exactly represent party consensus; on the CNA wires, you can see a quote from Wang saying this would be a huge step and he'd need to understand more before saying much.

The Taiwan Society is calling for a referendum that asks simply enough, "Is Taiwan part of the People's Republic of China?"

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