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Jul 6, 2007

Su Chen-chang not interested in VP nomination

Every news station is looking for a scoop on something that hasn't happened, and recent focus has been on who Hsieh will choose as a running mate. Indications had been that Yeh Chu-lan (葉菊蘭) was interested, but the big question was what Su Chen-chang's (蘇貞昌) role might or not be.

Su came out today indicated he is not necessary for a successful election in '08 and would be happy to root for whoever is running on the DPP ticket (「成功不必在我」), a strong hint that he won't be the VP nominee and doesn't mind much.

That makes Yeh Chu-lan (葉菊蘭) the most likely VP candidate.

Her main asset is that she is Hakka. She does have experience as acting mayor of Kaohsiung, VP of the Executive Yuan , Minister of the Council of Hakka Affairs and -- probably most importantly -- Minister of Consumer Protection and Minister responsible for the Council for Economic Planning and Development. But I think for Hshieh, this particular choice is all about personality. And being Hakka. I don't think it's the same sort of match Ma was looking for.

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