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Jul 11, 2007

Map update complete!

Legislative Yuan Districts map update complete. Things I've added:

+ An up-to-date list of all nominees in districts (no at large lists yet)
+ Romanization for all nominee names (makes the thing more usefully bilingual, even if it was a pain to look up)

Some extra info for you:

Nearly all nominees are current legislators, and where they aren't it's probably either long shot or squeeker seats.

KMT's non-incumbant candidates total 10:

Kaohsiung City.-5, Taipei Co.-12, Miaoli Co.-1, Changhua Co.-4 and -5, Nantou Co.-2, Yunlin Co.-1, Chiayi Co.-2, Kaohsiung Co.-4, and one Mountain tribe aboriginal seat.

DPP has 15:
Taipei City-5 and -7, Kaohisung City-1, Taipei Co.-10, Taichung Co.-2, Changhua Co.-1, Yunlin Co.-2, Kaohsiung Co.-2, Pingtung Co.-1 and -2, Penghu, Keelung City, Hsinchu City, Taichung City-1, Tainan City-1.

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