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Nov 17, 2006

US town bars foreign flags in swipe at immigrants

What do they think they're doing?

PHOENIX (Reuters) - A Nevada town passed a law this week making it
illegal to fly a foreign nation's flag by itself, the latest swipe by
a U.S. community at illegal immigrants.

The town council of Pahrump, which lies in the Mojave Desert west
of Las Vegas, voted 3-2 on Tuesday to make flying any foreign flag
above the U.S. flag or alone an offense punishable by a $50 fine and
30 hours' community service.

The meeting also pushed through measures to deny services to
illegal immigrants and make English the official language in Pahrump,
a commuter town of 40,000 residents some 60 miles (97 km) west of Las
These people certainly do not deserve to be on a city council. What a
bunch of losers. Not to mention that Stromberg v. California already
ruled that you can't restrict display of a flag. That decision ruled
the following California unconstitutional:
1919 California Penal Code, § 403a Any person who displays a red
flag, banner or badge or any flag, badge, banner, or device of any
color or form whatever in any public place or in any meeting place or
public assembly, or from or on any house, building or window as a
sign, symbol or emblem of opposition to organized government or as an
invitation or stimulus to anarchistic action or as an aid to
propaganda that is of a seditious character is guilty of a felony.
And did the Pahrump city council pass this ordinance because of
dangerous dissent? No. Rather because,
All of the illegal alien protesters are waving Mexican flags, and
we just got tired of it," town board clerk Paul Willis told Reuters in
a telephone interview.

"This is the United States, and the Stars and Stripes should fly
supreme," he added.
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