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Nov 15, 2006

Related issue

This talk on immigration issues brings up an issue related to the last post, and I consider this very good news.

Dem Congress may scrap border fence

I think one of the more convincing reasons-- to those who would support it-- to oppose this plan had to do how it affects Americans.

Border Fence
Plan Worries Texas Ranchers

Downriver in Brownsville, where the jalapeno and lima bean fields run down to the water's edge, farmer Fermin Leal is wondering whether the government intends to cut through his crops, run irrigation pipes under the fence, or buy him out.

"Most of our land goes up to what's supposed to be the border, and yes, we need access to river water," Leal said.

Let's home the Democrats also manage to pass some comprehensive immigration reform and get a reasonable guest worker program.

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