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Nov 18, 2006

Poll shows [Taiwanese] kids live in fear

By Max Hirsch
Saturday, Nov 18, 2006, Page 2

Seventy percent of elementary students nationwide are afraid of being abducted, with 54 percent fearing that they will accidentally plunge to their deaths from high-rise apartments. ...

In addition to widespread fears among youth about falling prey to kidnappers or accidents in the home, the survey also indicated that 21 percent of children are regularly struck by their parents, with 19.3 percent often sustaining injuries at home.

Wow. There can't possibly be that many kidnappers and falls from apartments. The abuse can't possibly help. But this makes me think of how the kids are probably scared because tehir parents always tell them to worry about those things. Just like the kids who become scared of dogs because their parents always say they'll get bitten by a dog.

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