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Nov 15, 2006


Three suggestions for the Democratic Progressive Party:
第一:已終於目標為重 (1) Consider the main goal.

The main goal is for Taiwanese self-determination and Taiwanese democracy to become mature. To accomplish this goal, the party can do anything. A-bian (President Chen Shui-bian) himself can't compare to this goal. Cutting your losses in this case is worthwhile.

第二:慮選舉 (2) Consider the elections.

2007 and 2008 are the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)'s last hope. If the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) can beat them again, then the KMT will be forced to localize. If the KMT loses and can't sell out Taiwan's self-determination on a platform of "No independence, no war," then they will have to let that go for the next election.

第三:保護民進黨之乾淨形象 (3) Protect the DPP's clean image.

The DPP won their elections because people felt they had a clean image. If you let go of this impression, then there's no hope.

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