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Nov 16, 2006

Carville says Dems should dump Dean over "Rumsfeldian incompetence"

. . . come again?

Carville, during coffee and rolls with political reporters today, said Democrats could have picked up as many as 50 House seats, instead of the nearly 30 they have so far.

The reason they didn’t, he said, is the Democratic National Committee did not spend some $6 million it could have put into so-called “third tier” House races against vulnerable Republicans.

Mr. Carville please bring me some of that so we can smoke it together next time. Don't be a hog.

This brings me to a point I've been wanting to make for a while though, which is that I give Dean a lot more credit for the upset with his 50 state strategy and his spending in traditionally "lost cause" districts and states. And let's remind the Democrats of their promises: honest government, real security, energy independence, economic prosperity, affordable healthcare, retirement security, protecting our environment, civil rights and justice, election reform.

That's a tall order.

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