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Nov 29, 2006

Make Chen Chih-chung come home? 抓致中回來嗎

民進黨自嘲:去美國抓致中回來 (TVBS)
Future birthplace of president's grandson becomes big issue in Taiwan (AP)

Officials from Chen's [A-bian's] ruling Democratic Progressive Party or DPP have urged him to summon son Chen Chih-chung and his wife home from the United States before she gives birth in two to three months — or risk losing the remaining shreds of his popularity.
Well, I just wonder-- on exactly what authority does anyone have a right to go and tell him to come back to Taiwan? He is not a politician and it's his life now. Leave him alone and don't politicize a pregnancy, please. Do you really think A-bian would run to America to live? Come on.


Update: see what has been said by Lin I-hsiung?

國務機要費 林義雄:好好檢討,扁孫是美國人沒關係 (ET Today 東森新聞報)
"A-bian has a lot of explaining to do on the state affairs fund; A-bian having an American grandson doesn't matter."

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