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Jun 2, 2009

Well that answers that

It appears someone did ask the critical question on what constitutes the status quo some time ago, and it happens to have been the pro-KMT China Times: nearly 75% of respondents told them Taiwan is an independent and sovereign country. The Survey was taken in 2007.

Now someone try to tell me the KMT is really not trying to confuse voters, or that its position squares with Taiwanese public opinion.







Dixteel said...

Hmm...I just don't get did Ma won his election? The poll shows majority's opinion is counter to Ma's opinion...How did we get an election result like that? It's a miracle!!! I think Vatican should make Ma a Saint. Seriously someone really needs to dissect this phenomenon.

I mean...seriously, what is wrong with Frank Hsieh being the president? How did Ma win that land slide victory? Or is the survey fake? Very puzzling indeed.

Maybe the hate of ex-President Chen really blinds people's eyes? Is that possible?

Carlos said...

With many green voters it wasn't hatred of A-bian, but distrust of him, the DPP, and politicians in general. I don't know how Ma got his clean reputation, especially when he announced his candidacy the same day he was indicted, but it worked. There's also a widespread perception that he's "new blood" which gave him a chance among people who would never support the KMT old guard. Lastly, his campaign was all about "I love Taiwan." All he ever seemed to say was "Taiwan," and after the election all he ever seems to say is "China."

I suppose making everyone happy is a good skill to have in a diplomatically tense situation, but it's going to suck for whoever's on the wrong side of his duplicity. Probably Taiwan, but who can say for sure?