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Jun 24, 2009

Lead in all the Chinese language dailies

The question now is about elections -- will they be postponed?

From ICRT:

The Ministry of Interior has approved a radical plan to upgrade Taipei County
to the status of a "municipal city" and the mergers of Taichung and Gaoxiong
cities with their respective counties.

A committee review approved the applications last night, but said that a
similar proposal to merge Tainan City and County will be forwarded to the
Executive Yuan for decision, as the committee was divided on that merger

Speaking to reporters last night .. Minister of Interior - Liao Liu-yi - said
that proposals by Taoyuan and Zhanghua counties to be upgraded to municipal
cities and merger applications by Yunlin and Jiayi counties were turned down
by the 26-member committee.

The moves come two months after lawmakers amended the Local Government Act -
paving the way for the mergers and upgrades.

According to Executive Yuan Spokesman - Su Chun-bin - the Cabinet will rubber
stamp the committee's decision tomorrow, or Friday and the mergers and
upgrades are expected to take effect sometime in December of next year.

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